Critical Care Units


Here at Galaxy Multispeciality Hospital the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) are a highly specialised Service Unit, which administer intensive care (treatment and observation) to patients who are severely ill or vulnerable. To keep their bodies functional, people in ICUs require ongoing medical attention and support. They may suffer multiple organ failure and be unable to breathe on their own. While the person recovers, high-tech medical technology will take over these functions.


A transitional High Dependency Unit (HDU) is available at Galaxy Multispeciality Hospital for patients who require close supervision, treatment, and nursing care that cannot be delivered on a general care floor, and whose care is not serious enough to be transferred to an ICU bed. These units are used until the patient’s health has improved to the point that they can be discharged to a general care floor.

Galaxy's cutting-edge clinical laboratories can help identify illnesses using modern diagnostics and technology